Rehabilitation Therapy

A little help can make a big difference

Marywood Home Health can get you back on track following surgery or injury with a wide range of in-home rehabilitation services. We collaborate with your physician and other healthcare professionals to deliver rehabilitation therapy and other restorative services in the comfort of your home.

Physical therapy


Helps you improve walking and balance, build strength and endurance, increase your range of motion and prevent a fall.

Occupational therapy

Helps you manage your own care, sharpen your cognitive skills, adjust to a wheelchair or other equipment, and tailor your home environment to suit changing needs. This kind of therapy can also help you with feeding and grooming if needed.

Speech-language therapy

Helps you improve speaking and ability to understand others, swallowing, and other functions of the mouth and face. Our therapists specialize in senior adult rehabilitation and our partnership with Porter Hills and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital ensures that we deliver the most up-to-date instructional, educational and therapeutic resources.

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