Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy at MHCHolistic rehabilitation therapies

At every step in the process, Marywood Health Center patients receive top-quality clinical care, delivered by a team of licensed professionals and a caring support staff. Rehabilitation therapy is tailored to individual needs and preferences to ensure a positive experience, reduce the likelihood of hospital readmission and exceed rehabilitation quality standards.



Physical therapy


Increase strength, balance, mobility and confidence so that you can avoid falls and stay active and independent. Adults at all levels of ability can see improvements through this functional therapy, provided in a challenging yet reassuring environment.

Occupational therapy

Adapt the techniques and tools you need to safely and comfortably accomplish everyday tasks like preparing meals, eating, bathing and more. Our therapists are trained to help seniors who have vision or hearing impairments and mobility limitations compensate in ways that prevent falls and conserve energy. We can also recommend household updates that support independence, for example, adding grab bars to a bathtub or building up eating utensils to make them easier to hold.

Speech language pathology

Improve your ability to communicate with others, understand and remember information, swallow with ease and maintain oral health. Speech language pathology plays a critical role in the treatment of dysphagia, a swallowing disorder. Through treatment, people with this condition may be able to enjoy a less restrictive diet. Sometimes what seems to be a memory problem is actually an issue with the way auditory information is processed. In these cases, speech therapy can provide effective methods for receive, record and recall information.


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