Meet the Staff

Caring professionals

Marywood Health Center is staffed by skilled caregivers, therapists and case managers devoted to giving each patient personalized care of the highest quality.

Lisa McMichael, Executive Director

Lisa is responsible for the overall operation of the Health Center, using her 18 years of healthcare experience to maintain the big picture while also focusing on the details. She is committed to building a happy and healthy environment for all Marywood residents, through daily activities as well as lifelong wellness choices.

Lisa has focused her career on senior living, with a specialty in Occupational Therapy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Lisa is also licensed through the State of Michigan and the Michigan Board of Nursing Home Administrators.

She has lived in the Grand Rapids area her whole life, and just recently moved to Rockford with her husband, dog and two cats. Lisa loves to travel, and makes time to relax and enjoy life—in her spare time, you’ll find her riding her bike, taking long walks in the woods with her dog, swimming and gardening.

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