Admissions & Preparing for Your Stay

Documents to have ready

Please bring with you the following items required by the State of Michigan:

–  Insurance cards; primary, secondary, Medicare and/or Medicaid
–  Legal documents; Advance Directives and/or Patient Advocate forms

Our Admissions Coordinator will provide and thoroughly review a patient contract with you as required by the State of Michigan.

Personal items to bring

–  Night clothing
–  Eye glasses and hearing aids
–  Toiletries and daily essentials
–  Loose fitting, comfortable clothing
–  Undergarments, socks and good walking shoes
–  Cane, walker, wheelchair
–  Any orthotics or prosthesis
–  A special quilt, pillow or comfort item

We recommend that money and valuables be kept at home.

Discharge plans

We will provide the best services to help you transition home successfully.

If you haven’t already, we invite you and/or a family member to schedule a personal visit and tour. Call our social worker today at 616.588.1649.

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