Active and engaged

At Aquinata Hall, our wellness philosophy focuses on socialization—bringing residents together through meaningful activities that exercise the mind, body and spirit.

We recognize that socialization is important during the aging process. It helps to defeat loneliness and boredom, and provides a sense of meaning to life. It’s an important quality of life desirable at all ages and stages. Aquinata Hall staff is here to help you get involved and engaged in ways that are comfortable to you and respectful of your preferences.

Activities are geared to energize your body, stimulate your mind to enhance your memory, and to encourage deep thought on spiritual beliefs. We offer many ways to get involved and socialize with a group, including daily prayers, mealtimes, and weekly movie and bingo nights. We also encourage individual interests and are available to help with relaxation and reading.

 Music Therapy at Aquinata

Tai Chi at Aquinata    Tai Chi at Aquinata

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