Spiritual Companioning

Someone to walk with you

No matter what challenges you or a loved one may face, we never want you to feel that you are alone. Aquinata Hall offers spiritual companionship services free of charge. We’re here to let you know someone cares.

These services include personal visits, telephone visits and prayer partners, delivered by Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids. The spiritual companionship ministry, a hallmark of Aquinata Hall, builds on the Sisters’ long tradition of offering comfort, healing and help.

Spiritual companionship through Aquinata Hall is grounded in the Catholic tradition and welcoming of all faiths. We believe in and respect the dignity of each person, and we seek to offer support and care for your faith and life journey.

Whether you are interested in exploring matters of faith and spirituality, or you would just like a friend to talk to, we are here. Our spiritual companions are experienced in the art of listening and are delighted to spend time visiting with you, praying with you, or simply being with you.

To learn more, call 616.514.3202.



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