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Aquinata Hall Services

Personal Care
Memory Care
Spiritual Companionship
Holistic Wellness Activities

Aquinata Hall

Find your strength and independence in community

Aquinata Hall provides moderately priced, long-term assisted living options for area seniors, 60 years and older. Once the home for retired Dominican Sisters, this building on the Marywood campus has been completely refurbished and licensed as a Home for the Aged.

We create a community experience enriched by the pillars of our charism: prayer, study, community, and service. Programs and activities energize brain and body, highlighting our Congregation’s value of learning at every age.

Planned activities foster spiritual and community life, drawing residents together with care professionals, student clinicians, Sisters, volunteers, the children of Whistle Stop Child Development Center, and so many who volunteer their time to be with others.

"Patients come to Marywood Heath Center for holistic, restorative healing and to Aquinata Hall for a similar approach to residential care. Our friendly and compassionate team provides excellent services with top-notch outcomes for patients and their families."
Maureen Geary, OP, Prioress, Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids

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