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Marywood Circle

Marywood Health Center
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Marywood Home Health
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Aquinata Hall
Assisted Living

Marywood Circle

Partners in your life journey

Through ministries of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids, the Marywood Circle organizations offer senior living and health care services for people of all faiths.

Our scenic Marywood Campus is in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan and is home to varied people-centered ministries.

Marywood Health Center provides restorative healing and rehabilitation services. Our nursing and occupational therapy team focuses on serving the holistic health needs of every person.

Aquinata Hall is a long-term assisted living facility where residents enjoy the benefits of communal living, nurse and medication support, while having the privacy of their own room.

I would definitely recommend Marywood Health Center above all other rehabilitation services. Their therapy routine is superior, and the personnel are extremely cordial.
George and Susan

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